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SCOTUS Pereira v. Sessions: A Notice to Appear that does not include the specific time and place of the non LPRs removal proceedings does not trigger the stop-time rule under §1229(a) of the INA.

The Pereira decision is significant to many non-citizens who received notices like Pereira’s. The clock continued to run on their physical presence in the U.S. after they received notices without dates, which will potentially enable them to qualify for relief … Continue reading

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USCIS Provides Updated Guidance for F2A and F2B Derivative CSPA Cases Affected by Cuellar de Osorio

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has issued a policy memorandum (PM) rescinding a case hold issued on November 21, 2013 for certain Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) cases impacted by the nationwide class action litigation in Scialabba v. Cuellar … Continue reading

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SCOTUS does not require government to identify a specific statutory provision nor give detailed explanation for denying a visa based on terrorism-related ground

Respondent Fauzia Din petitioned to have her husband, Kanishka Berashk, a resident citizen of Afghanistan and former civil servant in the Taliban regime, classified as an “immediate relative” entitled to priority immigration status. Din’s petition was approved, but Berashk’s visa … Continue reading

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SCOTUS affirms jurisdiction to decide equitable tolling of statutory time limit to file a motion to reopen a removal proceeding

Issue: Whether the Fifth Circuit erred in holding that it had no jurisdiction to review petitioner’s request that the Board of Immigration Appeals equitably tolled the ninety-day deadline on his motion to reopen as a result of ineffective assistance of … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Holds that Drug Paraphernalia Must Be “Related to” a 21 USCA § 802 Listed Substance to Support Removal

The Supreme Court in Mellouli v. Holder (June 1, 2015) decided when a state drug-paraphernalia conviction sufficiently “relates to” a substance listed under the Controlled Substances Act to justify removing a permanent U.S. resident under the Immigration and Nationality Act. … Continue reading

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