Nebraska Service Center Filing Tips

NSC Offers Filing and Best Practice Tips

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ (USCIS’) Nebraska Service Center (NSC) strives to adjudicate each and every petition within posted processing times and, in reviewing ways to improve its efficiency, has identified the following filing tips:

• Fill out the Form I-130 completely and correctly, including an A-number for Naturalized citizens.

• When an item is non-applicable, indicate “N/A” versus leaving it blank.

• Ensure that all foreign language documents are accompanied by complete, English translations, which the translator certifies are correct. Also, ensure that all English translations are accompanied by the foreign language document.

• For spousal petitions, be sure to include Form G-325A and photos for both the petitioner and the beneficiary.

• When filing multiple petitions, provide a copy of documents for each file. While the NSC makes every effort to adjudicate family petitions together, these petitions may be worked separately. Including copies with each filing will reduce delays and possibly an unnecessary request for evidence (RFE).

NSC also points out these additional best practices:
• Respond to an RFE completely and in one response by the due date in the letter
• When requesting priority date retention, humanitarian reinstatements, or surviving relative consideration under INA § 204(l) [8 USCA § 1154(l)], clearly indicate what is being requested and provide a copy of the previously approved petition that the request is based on.

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