BREAKING: Janet Napolitano said eligible undocumented immigrants can apply for deferred deportation August 15, 2012

From Fronteras Desk:

Secretary Napolitano testified before the House Judiciary Committee, mostly related to deferred deportation and temporary work permits for undocumented immigrants brought here as children. Unsurprisingly, Democrats praised Napolitano and Republicans were harshly critical. Arizona Congressman Ben Quayle said the new policy could create precedent for other agencies to disregard the law.

“What can we do as legislators to make sure that we get the laws that are passed actually, fully enforced by the executive branch?” Quayle asked.

“You know, Representative, I’ve been an executive my whole career, so it’s really hard for me to get into that legislative mindset. I’ll leave that for you,” Napolitano replied. “But I will say, we are enforcing the laws. We’ve removed more people from this country than any prior administration over a similar time period.”

Napolitano said eligible undocumented immigrants can start applying for deferred deportation Aug. 15, and that we can expect more information on the policy Aug. 1.

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