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Fundamentals of Immigration Law

FUNDAMENTALS OF IMMIGRATION LAW by Charles A. Wiegand, III Immigration Judge, Oakdale, Louisiana Revised October 2011 Philip Verrillo, Immigration Judge, Hartford, Connecticut Sarah Byrd, Attorney Advisor, Falls Church, Virginia Alexa McDonnell, Attorney Advisor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sarah Rempel, Attorney Advisor, Hartford, … Continue reading

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A View Through The Looking Glass: How Crimes Appear From The Immigration Court Perspective

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this Article is to provide a basic overview of a body of law that has been compared as second only to tax law in its complexity.  Our goal is to highlight the major areas where criminal laws … Continue reading

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The Nasty Ripple Effects of Alabama’s Immigration Law

The “Birmingham campaign” to end segregation and other forms of discrimination garnered international attention in 1963 when the city’s infamous Commissioner of Public Safety “Bull” Connor unleashed police dogs and fire hoses on black children engaging in peaceful protest. Those … Continue reading

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Immigration suppression motion results, how individual IJs and BIA panels have analyzed the issues

The following are IJ and BIA decisions on motions to suppress and motions to terminate. In each of these cases, the respondents in removal proceedings asked the IJ to suppress or exclude the government’s evidence or otherwise terminate proceedings. These … Continue reading

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Battle Over Immigration: Washington Post’s coverage of the immigration issue, Political Debate, Border & Beyond

The Washington Post’s coverage of the immigration issue, from the politics of revising the nation’s immigration laws to the impact of illegal immigration on the U.S.-Mexico border and the Washington region. 

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