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Immigration courts falling behind despite more judges

By Jordy Yager – 11-01-12 03:30 PM ET From The Hill. The Justice Department’s immigration courts have become less productive despite hiring more judges to handle deportation cases, according to a report released Thursday. The report, issued by the DOJ’s … Continue reading

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EOIR Creates Immigration Judge Conduct and Professionalism Web Page

The Office of the Chief Immigration Judge has established a procedure that allows any person to file a complaint about the conduct of an Immigration Judge.  Below are links to documents which describe how to file a complaint, the procedures … Continue reading

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Immigration suppression motion results, how individual IJs and BIA panels have analyzed the issues

The following are IJ and BIA decisions on motions to suppress and motions to terminate. In each of these cases, the respondents in removal proceedings asked the IJ to suppress or exclude the government’s evidence or otherwise terminate proceedings. These … Continue reading

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Chicago Immigration Court, Deportation and Removal

Immigration updates-New Legislation Supreme Court cases Deportation Handbook, 7th Circuit 7th Circuit updates: Opinion Summaries for U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, Aliens, Immigration BIA case law summaries EOIR Chart: Court Decisions Relating to Board Precedents BIA Precedent Table (Revised … Continue reading

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Deportation for Drug Crimes

The Supreme Court ruled, by an 8-1 vote, that conviction of a drug crime that is a felony under state law but only a misdemeanor under federal law is not kind the kind of offense that triggers potential deporation. Justice … Continue reading

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