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BIA Precedent Decisions Volume 27 (3887 – ) Executive Office for Immigration Review 2017-

BERMUDEZ-COTA, 27 I&N Dec. 441 (BIA 2018) ID 3935 (PDF) A notice to appear that does not specify the time and place of an alien’s initial removal hearing vests an Immigration Judge with jurisdiction over the removal proceedings and meets … Continue reading

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Recent Cases United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit (October 2017-December 2018. CA7)

Alvarenga-Flores v. Sessions Citation Case Number: No. 17-2920 Decision Date: August 28, 2018 Federal District: Petition for Review, Order of Bd. of Immigration Appeals Holding: Petition denied Record contained sufficient evidence to support IJ’s denial of application for asylum relief, … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Pereira v. Sessions: A Notice to Appear that does not include the specific time and place of the non LPRs removal proceedings does not trigger the stop-time rule under §1229(a) of the INA.

The Pereira decision is significant to many non-citizens who received notices like Pereira’s. The clock continued to run on their physical presence in the U.S. after they received notices without dates, which will potentially enable them to qualify for relief … Continue reading

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BIA Holds §212(h) Waiver Available to Petitioner Who Adjusted to LPR Status in the U.S.

VELLA, 27 I&N Dec. 138 (BIA 2017) ID 3905 (PDF) An alien “has previously been admitted to the United States as an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence” within the meaning of section 212(h) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, … Continue reading

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Good Moral Character (GMC), Naturalization N-400 application, Chicago District Office, Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS)

Lawfully Admitted for Permanent Residence Continuity of Residence Residency: Jurisdiction Physical Presence Good Moral Character Attachment to the Constitution English language proficiency and knowledge of United States history and government. Naturalization applicants are required by law to appear in person … Continue reading

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